ALUPROF construction systems

Window and door systems MB45, MB45S, MB59S, MB59S, MB60, MB70, MB86, MB-DPA, MB77HS

  • two-and three-chamber systems

  • possibility of making customized designs such as rotary windows, windows opening outwards, sliding doors, doors
  • lifting-sliding doors

  • depth of profiles from 45 mm to 174 mm

  • ability to complete a construction with a heat transmission coefficient of Uf <1 W/m2*K

Facade systems MB-SR50, MB-SR50 EFFECT, MB-SG50, MB-SR50N, MB-TT50

  • the system creates the possibility of constructing a facade with visible narrow lines or invisible division lines

  • the shape of posts and transoms allows you to build modern and aesthetic facades

  • high thermal and acoustic insulating power
  • a wide range of solutions regarding opening elements (windows and doors)

Fire protection systems MB78EI, MB-SR50EI, MB-DPAEI, MB118EI

  • used to comply with fire walls, doors, technical windows, facades and sliding doors for external and internal designs
  • fire resistance from EI15 to EI120
  • depth of the profiles from 45 mm to 174 mm

  • depth of the section from 78 mm to 118 mm

Specialized aluminum joinery

  • burglar windows and doors of RC class
  • internal smoke-tight doors of S30 class
  • windows and smoke vents according to PN-EN 12101-2

  • HI systems with thermal insulation higher in relation to the base systems

The sales prices of construction profiles are based on the current ALUPROF price-list

Detailed pricing information as well as technical and project assistance based on the MB-CAD program can be obtained:

Zbigniew Kopka    –,  (0-22) 761 40 40  0606 929 183
Tomasz Parzyszek     –,  0-58) 623 10 20  0600 281 837