Zinc (Zn) is a chemical element belonging to the zinc group of metals in the periodic classification of the elements.

Density 7.2 g/cm3, melting point 419.4°C.

In our offer we present products developed on the basis of a modern material such as titanium zinc. It was created from a combination of zinc with a small amount of copper and titanium. Sheets of zinc and titanium are characterized by a high degree of corrosion resistance, aesthetic appearance and durability. The main advantage of this material is slow oxidation that forms a patina layer on the surface, providing adequate protection against harmful weather conditions and mechanical damage. It is most often used to create roofing materials that are lightweight and maintains its aesthetic appearance even for several decades. In addition titanium zinc is an environmentally friendly material because it is 100% degradable. The most commonly used titanium zinc sheets or strips with a thickness of 0.5-1 mm V are roof coverings.

You can find titanium zinc sheets and strips (Zn – 99%, Ti0,06 – 0.2% Cu 0.08-1 wt%) and pig sows of Z41A / ZL5 grade in our offer.