Copper (Cu) is an element from the group of transition metals of the Periodic Classification of Elements, having a density of 8.96 g/cc and a melting point of 1083°C. After melting and purification it is a soft metal with very good thermal and electrical conductivity. Copper is very chemically resistant and therefore included in semi-precious metals. It is not acid-affected by non-oxidizing conditions. Under the influence of atmospheric conditions, copper undergoes surface corrosion, gradually being covered by a characteristic green patina. Copper can be processed in cold and hot forming processes.


Mark Quality Aplication Cooper type Equivalents
CATHODIC Cu 99,99 KA Cu 99,99 K Cu 99,95 K MOKSA MOKS MOK Oxygen-free copper billets and semi-products; products for enameling
Cu-CATH Cu-CATH Cu-CATH - KE-Cu - Cu-CAT-1 Cu-CAT-2 - - CATH -
OXYGEN-FREE Cu 99,99 R Cu 99,97 R Cu 99, 95 R MOOB MO1B MOB Electronics, radio engineering, electrical engineering OFE OF OF - OF-Cu - (C103) (C103) (C103) C10100 (C10200) -
Cu 99,9 E M1E Electrical and other purposes
ETP E-Cu58 Cu-ETP ETP C11000
DEOXYGE NATED Cu 99,9 R Cu 99,7 R Cu 99,5 R M1R M2R M3R Billets and products for general purposes, susceptible to welding DLP DHP DHP SW-Cu (SF-Cu) - - C106 - C12000 (C12200) -
FIRE REFINED Cu 99,7 G Cu 99,5 G M2G M3G FR FR
CASTING Cu 99 M4 Castings CAST Cu-DHP - -