Lead (Pb) is a metal which is gray-colored, soft and plastic.

Density 11.34 g/cm3, melting point 327.4°C.

Lead has very good ductility and high resistance to the effects of harmful external factors. This results in lead pipes, which can safely transport various acids. Due to their resistance to corrosion, lead sheets and strips can be used for roofing. They provide very good protection and an aesthetic appearance for many years. In some cases, properly prepared lead sheets can be used to give protection against gamma or X-ray radiation. Thanks to its unique properties, lead is applicable not only in construction, but also in printing, the production of missiles, making cables, etc.

Pb minimum (%)
Examples of applications
Pb2PB970R99,97In the chemical industry: sheets and tubes for acid resistant equipment, for the production of adhesives and bronzes
Pb3PB940R99,95In the cable industry, the manufacture of pads, seals and sewage pipes, and for the production of bearing alloys. In the form of strips, among others, for roofing.